"We strive to help you achieve a vibrant, healthier life."
About Us

We are here to help you are your healing journey.

If you are tired of being sick, in pain, or just unwell and if you are ready to change your habits to help your body heal, we are ready to help. We specialize in traditional osteopathy, prolotherapy, and Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s SHINE protocol for Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction.

Jump start your way to healthier living and explore the way to a pain free life and wellness through natural,  noninvasive treatments. Sign up for our Blog to get information you can use for your health now.

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Phone: 630-801-8773

Email: info@synergyhealthcare.org

Dr. Anette and Dr. Abdel  work together to help you heal and recover.

Our tools for healing are founded in a Traditional Osteopathic Philosophy and hands on approach.

Combining the best of all options we use healthy lifestyle principles as the foundation for healing and build from there.   Natural remedies, herbs, food as nutrition, activity, and when needed prescriptions are all combined to remove the barriers that are keeping your body from healing.  

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About SHC

At Synergy Health Care, we care for the whole person.

 Our mission is to:

– Create a healing environment.
– Facilitate health and healing in our patients.
– Utilize the most natural and least invasive treatments available.
– Promote: Recovery, Restoration, and Rejuvenation

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Are You in Pain?

Exhausted from searching for help? Talked to endless doctors and chiropractors? No answers or solutions for your pain?

Time to start living healthy and pain free again. Let Synergy Health Care hear your story, understand your history and examine your situation in detail. With a comprehensive Osteopathic approach and multiple non-invasive treatment options we are here to start you are your journey. Move from illness to wellness.

It’s time to explore real answers.

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